Constitution 20XX  
  A novel about young schoolchildren surviving in the wilderness. As they mature and meet other groups they develop rules to live by ... a new constitution.  
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  ISBN 978-0-9888141-0-3 (printed book)  
  ISBN 978-1-4836-3207-0 (eBook)  
  Copyright 2013  
  Library of Congress (LOC) number: 2013907731  

The stalemates in politics in recent years, the bickering in Congress, the use of our military overseas without the Declaration of War, the recurring national financial crisis, unpopular Supreme Court decisions, discriminatory voting law changes and voting irregularities, increased mass killings, the world’s highest incarceration rate, more than $16 trillion in national debt, foreign ownership of more than 20 million acres of our farm land, and the many other political, financial and social issues present today show us that some things are simply not right in our system of government. The starting point for positive change seems to be revision of our archaic Constitution. A new Constitution is proposed herein.


This fictitious story depicts starting our nation anew after a cataclysmic decimation of the world adult population by an uncontrolled biological event, The Happening. A surviving old man in Angel Fire, New Mexico, helps the children of that village survive using pioneer-like skills. As contact and communication increase among surviving groups of other young people the need for rules becomes evident. Starting with their library copies of the U.S. Constitution, the New Mexico Constitution, and the French Constitution the now young adults develop a new constitution applicable to their current lives. That constitution, presented in the Appendix to this novel, is applicable to us today.

NM map   Old man Gus
    Old man Gus, the surviving adult
Ranger cabin                Suzie's music        
Cabin at Lost Ridge Ranger Station       Suzie harmonica music
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  Comments from a few readers:  
  "Like many Americans I tend to think of the constitution as a almost sacred, infallible document. Your book opened my eyes."  
  "This book is simple, adorable, profound. It should be read by every student, politician, US citizen."  
  "I really believe you are touching on one of the most important issues of our time and doing it in a way that can be heard by many."  
  "Your book could be the impetus that would prompt discussion and make a lasting impression."  
  "Thanks for being the one who puts forth ideas and gives us hope for a better future."  
  "I believe the ideal audience would be students studying the Constitution."  
  "It really took my breath away and I am mesmerized by the sad situation that the children are facing. It would be a terrific book for our Book Club."  
  "Thanks for sending the book.  I even postponed finishing a Clive Cussler novel so that I could finish reading yours.  I don’t interrupt finishing a book very often so that I can read another book.  I’d like to be one of the first to read your next book."  
  "Not sure sending copies to the Congress will help. ... At least you are trying to bring some sanity to this country."  
  "The book would be a good primer for school age children".... "Mr. Brown has a nice way of getting young ones to learn how to get along with one another."  
  "Kids can read and understand it."  
  "I quite enjoyed it. I found I cared about the youth and, of course, the old man. Well done."  
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